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endangered species of musk deer was captured vividly.

It is known that only a few dozen of them remain in the civilian control line area, but recently, they have appeared in the trunk of the Baekdu-daegan south of the civil control line.

This is reporter Song In-ho.

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wild animal appears in a sparse mountain.

It is an endangered class 1 musk deer with its protruding fangs, white spots on the body, and white stripes on the nape of the neck.

It is estimated that only dozens of musk deer, which were distributed throughout the country in the past, remain near the civilian control line due to overfishing and habitat damage aimed at musk, a raw material for herbal medicine and perfume.

The male captured this time was found along with other endangered wild animals such as goats and martens in the trunk of the Baekdu-daegan south of the Civilian Line.

[Baeje Ship/Green Alliance Natural Ecology Team Leader: This is the area where the excrement of musk deer and goats has been confirmed. This area is an important ecological axis connected to the Korean-North Korean vein and serves as a habitat for important wild animals and plants and endangered species.] The

Ministry of Environment announced plans to restore the species of musk deer two years ago, but there has been no progress since.

[National Institute of Ecology Officials: There is no (Musk deer restoration) in progress. Nothing has come in (domestic) yet. The individuals are so precious.]

Of the 6 billion won budget for endangered species from the Ministry of Environment this year, the budget for species restoration is 5.3 billion won, and three-quarters of the budget is devoted to the restoration of three species, including half-moon black bear, fox and goat.

[Wooshin Lee/Seoul National University Emeritus Professor (Wild Zoology): We need to restore musk deer and wolves. We should also protect the safe habitat and go this way… .] In

addition to the species restoration project that releases endangered species into the national park, ecological research and habitat protection measures for the remaining 264 endangered wildlife species are urgently needed.

(Video editing: Park player, CG: Jung Hyun-jung, Park Hyun-jin)