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few days ago, there was an accident where a man riding a kickboard was hit by a large truck and died.

Kickboard accidents have increased significantly in recent years, and the risk of accidents is even higher, especially in large trucks, as the nearby kickboard is hard to see.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun confirmed through an experiment.

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the 6th, an electric kickboard and a 25-ton truck crashed on a road in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do.

A 25-ton truck stood behind the electric kickboard that had been stopped at a stop sign, but when the signal changed, the truck hit the kickboard and passed.

In this accident, a kickboard driver in his 50s died on site.

The kickboard driver was driving close to the sidewalk, but the truck driver was known to have told the police that he "didn't see the kickboard driver at all."

Amid traffic accidents involving vehicles and electric kickboards, it is pointed out that there is a high risk of accidents, especially in vehicles with a high driver's seat, such as large trucks.

In fact, we tested whether there are any blind spots with a 5-ton freight car that operates the most with over 60,000 vehicles in Korea.

[I can't see there either. I can't see it.] In the

front wheel of the front passenger seat of the truck, the kickboard completely disappears from view and side mirrors.

Electric kickboards hidden in blind spots are difficult for truck drivers to identify.

[Yes, I can't see it. Which side are you on? Right here... .]

[Vehicle driver: It's very dangerous because you can't see it in sight. Just looking at it feels quite dangerous. Be careful a lot.]

From December, the rules will change so that you can also use bicycle paths, but experts point out that the risks remain.

[Kyung-il Jung/Attorney: (Until now) This problem occurred because I could only travel on the roadway... (Even if the regulations change) Even if you go on a bicycle road, there is a space where you can only go on the road, so many accidents like this will occur in the future... .]

More detailed safety measures are required to prevent accidents between electric kickboards and vehicles, especially large vehicles.

(Video coverage: Park Hyeon-cheol, video editing: So Ji-hye, VJ: Lee Jun-young)