▲ Ahn Ik-tae's real nephew, Gyeong-Yong (left)

Liberation Chairman Kim Won-woong was sued by his bereaved family, who raised suspicion that the late Ahn Ik-tae (1906-1965), who composed the national anthem, had committed pro-Japanese and pro-Nazi acts in the past.

Ahn Ik-tae's real nephew Gyeong-yong An (US name: David Ahn) sued Chairman Kim at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office on charges of defaming the honor of a lion.

Mr. Ahn said, "I don't know what goal (the Liberation President) is for, but I couldn't stand it as a bereaved family for talking about an individual as a'national traitor', so I even sued."

Earlier, Chairman Kim said at the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day on August 15th, "The Liberation Society acquired Ahn Ik-tae's pro-Japanese and pro-Nazi-related data from the German government." There is a video."

Chairman Kim also appeared on radio broadcasts several times, "Ahn Ik-tae was in charge of spying in Berlin, Japan" "The lyrics of the country written by Ahn Ik-tae copied Bulgarian folk songs." "It is being introduced as".

In response, Mr. Ahn said in the complaint, "The video was found by German international student Song Byung-wook in the Federal Archives of Germany in 2006, and directed by Ahn Ik-Tae at the Berlin Philharmonie Grand Theater." It is not data."

"(The national anthem plagiarism dispute) had already revealed that it was not plagiarism through a dissertation by Gong Seok-jun, a professor at Yonsei University in 1978, and the Ministry of Culture and Information decided that it was not grounded. It came out four years before'Manchu Fantasia',” he refuted.

Ahn's lawyer also said, "As soon as it is ready, we will also file a lawsuit claiming civil compensation against the Liberation Association."

(Photo = Yonhap News)