The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 0 o'clock on the 9th, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases increased by 126, accumulating 27,553.

Out of 126 people, local outbreaks were 99 and foreign inflows were 27.

New confirmed cases recorded three digits for two consecutive days following the previous day (143).

Normally, on weekends and holidays, the number of inspections is reduced by about half compared to weekdays, but the number of inspections on both days is 100, so the quarantine authorities are making a sense of the trend of the occurrence of confirmed cases.

In recent years, the spread of Corona 19 has not seldom subsided as group outbreaks have continued in everyday places such as workplaces and various small gatherings as well as facilities vulnerable to Corona 19 infection such as nursing hospitals and facilities.

As of this month, the number of confirmed cases per day exceeded 100 people 6 times in 9 days, including 124 → 97 → 75 → 118 → 125 → 145 → 89 → 143 → 126.

(Photo = Yonhap News)