▲ Eun-Hye Yoo, Vice Prime Minister of Social Studies and Minister of Education

From the 26th of this month, one week before the 2021 College Aptitude Test (SAT) scheduled on the 3rd of the following month, all high schools and test center schools will switch to distance classes.

Corona 19 confirmed candidates are admitted to hospitals or life treatment centers where they will take the exam three weeks before the exam.

On the day of the SAT, the commute hours for government offices and businesses are delayed by an hour after 10 am, and public transportation such as trains, subways, trains, and buses will be increased during school hours.

The Ministry of Education announced on the 3rd that it had prepared a plan for facilitating the implementation of the 2021 SAT, and reported it at the State Council meeting that day.

● Confirmed candidates take


test at a hospital and self-quarantine students take

the test

at a separate test site

. Considering the Corona 19 situation, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation form a joint situation group to analyze the demand for confirmed and quarantined test takers by province and provide opportunities to take the test .

The government decided to create an examination environment in hospitals and life treatment centers to take the SAT, so that confirmed candidates can be hospitalized from the 12th of this month, three weeks before the SAT.

An official from the Ministry of Education said, "How many hospitals will be held for the exam will depend on the conditions of each city and province."

In principle, two separate test sites for self-isolation test takers will be secured for each test district, and the test takers must move their own vehicle, but if necessary, an ambulance will be provided.

From the 26th of this month, one week before the effective date of the SAT, all high schools and test center schools will be converted to remote classes to prevent group outbreaks of quarantine/confirmed test takers and take measures to prevent the test site.

In addition, we plan to provide support for corona19 diagnostic tests to the test supervisors of insulators and confirmed patients.

● English Listening Assessment Time Prohibition of aircraft take-off and landing, artillery fire, etc. The

Ministry of Education asks for cooperation to adjust the time of departure for municipal offices and businesses from 9 am to 10 am to facilitate vehicle communication on the day of the exam.

In addition, if there is a military unit near the test site, we request that the examinee refrain from moving the military unit during the school hours (6 am to 8:10 am).

On the day of the SAT, trains, subways, trains, etc. are extended from 2 hours (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.) to 4 hours (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) to increase train schedules.

The interval between city buses and village buses has been shortened, and the subsidiary for private taxis has also been lifted, allowing intensive operation between subway stations, bus stops and test sites.

On the day of the SAT, the entrance of vehicles except public transportation is restricted from 200m in front of the test site, so students who move by their own vehicle must get off at 200m in front of the test site and walk.

Military exercises such as aircraft takeoff and landing and artillery shooting are also prohibited during the listening test time (1:10 pm to 1:35 pm) in the English language.

Deputy Prime Minister Yu Eun-hye and Minister of Education said, "We will do our best with relevant ministries, metropolitan and provincial offices of education, and local governments so that candidates can safely take the test even in the situation of Corona 19 and the enactment in December."

The SAT will be held on December 3, this year from 8:40 am to 5:40 pm at 1,352 test sites in 86 test districts nationwide.

The number of candidates is 493,000,433, a decrease of 55,000,301 from the previous year.

(Photo = Yonhap News)