This year's college entrance exam is now approaching a month ahead.

As usual, it's a busy time to organize at the end of the day, but this year, many parts have changed from how to prepare for Corona 19 to the test site on the day.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo reported.


This is a high school in Seoul where high school 3 classrooms are gathered.

There is less than a month left until the SAT, but the high school 3rd class is empty.

Because of the risk of infection, all seniors have switched to remote classes starting this week.

[Lee Seung-ho/high school 3rd class teacher: When students gathered at school, there was a risk of getting infected with Corona 19, so I switched to non-face-to-face classes before the SAT.] The

expansion of school was implemented on the 19th of last month as a result of easing social distancing


Since then, the number of confirmed students has increased by more than 100 nationwide.

In particular, as the cases of infection in academies and schools continued, the concerns of test takers increased.

[Retaken: If people around me become infected, I will be quarantined, and if that happens, I will not have confidence to take another year.]

Therefore, the education authorities have provided

that not only

confirmed patients but also self-isolates can take the SAT. I came up with a countermeasure.

Accordingly, confirmed students will be admitted to a hospital or life treatment center to take the test starting on the 12th, three weeks before the SAT, and self-quarantine will be transferred to a separate test center on the day of the SAT.

Also, starting on the 26th, a week before the SAT exam, all high schools nationwide and some middle schools designated as test centers will be converted to remote locations.