Reporter Kim Do-gyun from the Panda Team is here until the end of this report.

Q. In the end, only investors lose money?

[Reporter Do-gyun Kim: Yes. Experts believe that minority shareholders of companies that directly owned Prix, among the aforementioned victims as well as Hankook Tire-related shareholders, could be the victims. Even after the sale, the group companies and CEO Hyun-beom Cho were able to gain additional gains, but minority shareholders of affiliates were marginalized from such gains. It is serious in the case of the Korean Wave Times. Since stock trading was suspended, the damage to shareholders was inevitable.]

Q. Are the affected shareholders taking legal action?

[Reporter Do-gyun Kim: These are the shareholders who suffered from the Korean Wave Times. Listen to the legal representative.]

[Kim Seon-woong/lawyer (legal representative of the victim shareholder): Due to the problems of various major shareholders, such as negligence or embezzlement of the management's business, (shareholders) are under tremendous damage. I am going to pursue responsibility for the damage... .]

[Reporter Do-gyun Kim: It seems that the investigation of this case will begin when the victims accuse it. We will report on the progress of the investigation until the end.] 

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