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just saw, as our coverage team pursued the suspicious money transaction between these three people, we discovered another familiar name.

It is the Lime Fund that has caused great damage to investors.

We confirmed that 15 billion won of Lime Fund's funds were invested in the Hallyu Times you just saw, and the Hallyu Times used that money to take over a company.

This is reporter Kim Kwan-jin.


In November 2017, 9 months before attempting to acquire Frick, the Hallyu Times issues a 30 billion won CB and convertible bond.

When I looked at who could finance a company with poor financial status, I see the familiar name Lime Asset Management.

Lime Fund is funded by KRW 15 billion, half of KRW 30 billion in convertible bonds.

The down payment for Frex was mixed with the investment in the Lime Fund, but the Hallyu Times lost 3.5 billion won when it abandoned the acquisition.

Previously, the Hallyu Times took over another unlisted company 10 days after receiving an investment in the Lime Fund.

Clothing sales company A, established with a capital of 300 million won in 2013, acquired 15 billion won.

However, this investment is not good either.

The Hallyu Times diagnosed investments of over 3.3 billion won as losses from the year following the acquisition of Company A, and last year evaluated half of Company A's stocks as loss treatment, that is, a piece of paper.

A company official, who met the Panda team until the end, claimed that he suffered damage, saying, "Neither a bad company nor a high-priced purchase."

He says that after receiving 15 billion won for the acquisition, he invested 5 billion won again in the former Chairman of the Hallyu Times Lee Rak-beom.

[Clothing vendor A representative: After receiving cash, I bought 5 billion CB (convertible bonds).

I put 5 billion won in the Korean Wave Times.]


addition, I

claimed that I also loaned 800 million won to former chairman Rak-bum Lee, but did not get it back.

This means that after the acquisition of 15 billion won in the Korean Wave Times was transferred to Company A, 5.8 billion won was returned to the Korean Wave.

However, the whereabouts of 5.8 billion won could not be found, and the business he touched when he was former chairman Rak-beom Lee suffered losses.

Only Lime Fund investors who served as seed money for the investments made by the Hallyu Times and the shareholders who bought the Hallyu Times stock were affected.

[Hallyu Times Damaged Shareholders: (Business) There was also an expectation for diversification, so I have been holding this stock until now with hope until the end...

I can only think of what was caught.]

It will be necessary to find out how the series of investment failures, where the Lime Fund and the Hallyu Times funds will end, and who has benefited from it.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, VJ: Kim Joon-ho, CG: Lee Ye-jeong, Sung Jae-eun)