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SBS exploration report'Panda to the End' team covered the suspicious transaction of the third generation of chaebol.

This is the story of the two people, the son-in-law of former President Lee Myung-bak, President Cho Hyun-beom, the third generation of Hankook Tire, and President Kim Young-jip, the third generation of Korean ceramics.

In 2015, Hankook Tire sold a subsidiary named Prix to a company called Albicke owned by the family of President Kim Young-jip.

This Frix is ​​a place that makes brake pads, and is a company that makes most of its domestic sales to Hankook Tire.

On the other hand, RBK, which bought Frix, was a de facto paper company less than a year ago.

Both companies say it was a legitimate deal, but the question remains here as to why Hankook Tire sold a real company with stable profits.

Not only this, there is one more suspicion.

After CEO Hyun-beom Cho sold Fricksa to Albi-K, for some reason, he lent money to Al-B-K and placed a mortgage on it.

In other words, President Cho Hyun-beom's side is still influencing the company even after selling its real affiliates elsewhere.

From now on, let's take a look at who has been harmed and who has benefited from this seemingly complicated transaction.

First is Kwon Ji-yoon.

<Reporter> This is

Hankook Tire's unlisted subsidiary Frick, which has been making auto parts such as brake pads.

As of the end of 2014, Frix's sales were KRW 15.3 billion, and net income was KRW 8 billion.

Almost 100% of domestic sales come from Hankook Tire delivery.

However, in 2015, Hankook Tire sold Frick to RBK Holdings, a consulting company, for 6.5 billion won.

[Pilsoo Kim/Professor of Automotive Science at Daelim University: Fricksa itself is a field that is creating synergies for Hankook Tire with good brand image and high quality.

Nevertheless, there are parts that throw away synergies in the parts that are sold separately.] The

reporters inquired about the reasons for the transaction several times with the two companies, but Hankook Tire and RBK said that it was "a fair price transaction made according to a legal procedure" Only revealed.

There were no detailed explanations on the reasons and reasons for the transaction.

I went to the address to find out what kind of company RBK acquired Frixa.

You can't find the RBK sign anywhere inside or outside the building.

Instead, only Prix's Seoul branch office exists.

[Prix company official: (Where is RBK Holdings?) Let's share an office here.] A

company that has an address but does not have an office, so-called Paper Company.

An RBK official acknowledged that it was a paper company and said it was a company that was created to acquire a company.

RBK was established in June 2014 with a capital of 100 million won, only ten months before Hankook Tire acquired Fricksa.

However, the reporters found a familiar name on the list of RBK directors.

Young-jip Kim, the third generation of Korean ceramics, is the former president of Prix.

Former President Lee Myung-bak's son-in-law, President Cho Hyun-beom and President Kim Young-jip, were investigated by the prosecution in 2008 for violating the Securities Exchange Act.

Seven years later, in 2015, the two met again, centering on RBK.

Looking at the RBK corporate register, the CEO was Mr. Lee, the wife of President Kim Young-jip, and President Kim's father is a director and his mother is a thank-you.

In fact, it is a family company, and almost all of the shares are owned by the Kim family.

Hankook Tire's sales of over 10 billion won per year have been transferred to President Kim Young-jib's family company, and Hankook Tire and RBK maintain a close relationship even after buying and selling Freak.

(Video coverage: Bae Moonsan·Gong Jingu, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, CG: Hong Sung-yong·Choi Jae-young)