Recently, several cars with diesel were broken at some gas stations in the Chungnam region.

From cars that are turned off to trucks that cost more than 10 million won for repair, it is estimated that it was caused by fake oil. 

This is TJB Kim Chul-jin. 


Mr. Geum-yeon, who purchased a car a month ago, recently refuelled a gas station worth 50,000 won at a gas station in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province.

After 30 minutes, the vehicle speed did not exceed 40 km/h and started to shake violently, and after 2 hours, a warning light for the exhaust gas reduction system came on.

[Golden Smoking / Damaged Vehicle Owner: I left the highway with an emergency flasher on, but the car was ragged...

.It should be said that the car is coughing.]

Eventually, I exchanged the exhaust gas reduction device at a nearby repair shop, but only 3.2 million won was paid for the repair and reported it to the police.

As it turned out, the scale of damage varied from about 20 vehicles with similar damage, from cases where the engine was turned off in severe cases to a truck driver who was hit by a bomb with a repair cost of 18 million won.

Similar damage was reported not only at the gas station but also at another gas station in Gongju City, which is only 10 km away.

To date, more than 40 diesel vehicles have been complaining about damage.

Due to the number of complaints, the business is currently closed. 

At present, the police commissioned the Korea Petroleum Institute to analyze the diesel remaining in the vehicle, and said that a large amount of silicon, an inorganic substance, was detected in the diesel, and that it is assumed to be a unique form rather than a typical fake oil.

[Korea Oil Management Agency official: Because there are so many consumers.

Same damage symptoms.

We also look abnormal.] If the

police determine that there is a problem with the quality of oil, the police plan to charge a gas station business owner for violating related laws.   

(Video coverage: Seong Nak-joong TJB · Kim Gyeong-han TJB)