Facebook accidentally blocked political ads this week from, among others, the US presidential candidate Joe Biden due to a technical error.

The company writes that in a blog post.

Candidate Joe Biden's campaign team complained on Thursday that a lot of their existing ads had suddenly been put on hold or had been restricted in their reach.

As a result, the team reportedly missed out on $ 500,000 (427,000 euros) in donation income.

Facebook has been declining new political ads targeting the United States since Tuesday, giving fact-checkers a chance to check all ads in the run-up to next week's election.

Something went wrong with the rollout of that stop, the company now writes.

As a result, some advertisements were put on 'pause' unnecessarily and other advertisements could not be changed.

According to Facebook, there is no question that a human would have deliberately put some ads on hold.

The flaw would have affected many advertisements, not just Biden's.