It has been found that Jeonju Prison in Jeonbuk is considering closing the'mind and body healing room' (installation of karaoke rooms and game consoles) installed to relieve stress in prisoners.

It has only been three days since it opened.

An official at Jeonju Prison said on the 30th, "I know that the criticism of the mental and physical healing room is very high."

The official also added, "We do not decide immediately, but we will go through the process after discussing with the relevant departments and correctional councils (which supported the facility)," he added. "The specific schedule has not been decided yet."

The controversial'mind and body healing room' was built in Jeonju Prison on the 28th to help inmates' mental and physical stability.

In the healing room in the form of a container building, there are 3 karaoke rooms equipped with lighting and sound equipment, 2 mole-catching game machines, and a consultation room.

Jeonju Prison reported that it has been preparing to install facilities since the beginning of this year with the help of the Correctional Council.

It is known that the full-scale construction has been underway in the last three months.

Jeonju Prison released a press release and publicized the installation of a healing room after its opening, but criticism quickly faced a headwind.

Most of the netizens who came in contact with the news through the article commented on'the victim is shed bloody tears when the perpetrator sings','I will sell alcohol in prison sooner or later','not a prison, but a resort','the idea from someone's head. I'm curious about whether it's a negative comment.

Criticism is spreading, with a petition titled'Please close the mental and physical healing room of Jeonju Prison immediately' on the Cheongwadae public petition bulletin board.

(Photo = Courtesy of Jeonju Prison, Yonhap News)