The fire from the side of the Bukhansan Jokduribong trail went out in about 5 hours.

Today (30th) around 11:48 am, a report was received that a fire had occurred at the 5th ridge of Bukhansan Jokduribong Peak, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.

Firefighting authorities issued Phase 1 of the response and put in vehicles, helicopters, and drones.

More than 600 personnel, including firefighters, police, and military personnel, were also mobilized.

As the initial examination was completed around 2:38 pm, a big fire has been caught.

Although the distance from the fire area to the apartments where residents live is only 300 meters, the flames have not spread to the sanctuary.

Fire authorities will investigate the cause of the fire as soon as the extinguishing work is completed.