"Kia" launches the new model of its "Stinger GT"

The car is based on a 6-cylinder engine.

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The company "Kia" announced the launch of the new model of its "Stinger GT", in a model that has received a number of design improvements, on both the exterior and interior levels, in addition to an upgrade in the driving assistance systems and the infotainment system.

The company explained that the improvements to the exterior appearance of the sports coupe, including graphics on the headlights working with "LED" illuminated technology, equipped with daytime running lights that operate with the same technology.

The improvements also extended to the design of the rear lights, which are now connected to each other by a lighting strip under the integrated rear wing, in addition to relying on two options of lightweight and high-strength alloy wheels, whose sizes range between 18 and 19 inches. The interior is full of luxurious equipment, and high-end new materials, and the driver can also adjust the color of the ambient lighting inside the cabin within 64 different colors, and provide the dashboard with a screen of 10.25 inches, including the infotainment system, which is able to pair two smartphones with it. The car relies on the cranks of a six-cylinder engine, powered by direct injection of fuel, and enhanced with a turbocharger, which guarantees the production of 370 horsepower and 510 Newton / meters of torque, which are sufficient to push the "Stinger GT" to start from stability and reach a speed of 100 km Per hour in 4.9 seconds.