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number of new corona19 confirmed patients announced yesterday (29th) recorded 100 people for two consecutive days.

The quarantine authorities announced a intensive crackdown on entertainment facilities such as Itaewon clubs ahead of Halloween Day, but there are also concerns about the ballooning effect of crowds of people elsewhere.

This is Jung Joon-ho.


Seoul city officials are in the middle of checking the access list while visiting restaurants and cafes in Itaewon.

[Seoul City Officer-Restaurant President: (You are also checking ID cards, who are writing them?) Yes.

There are people who don't like it, but some don't bring it.]

As many of the Itaewon clubs have already given up on Halloween and decided to close their business on their own, the streets are busier than usual.

Following the Seoul city's unveiling a strong club crackdown policy, the USFK even imposed a ban on Itaewon from the Yongsan base soldiers during the Halloween festival.

About 10 clubs in Dongseong-ro in Daegu also announced plans to close voluntarily, and it is expected that more clubs will join the closure according to local government recommendations.

The problem is the'balloon effect'.

This is because famous clubs in the metropolitan area and Busan adhere to the willingness to enforce the Halloween party, and instead of clubs, crowds may be crowded with indoor carriages or general restaurants where you can dance.

[Lee, Sang - Won / Central Defense Headquarters Crisis analyst. (Clubs instead of) the party room La case but the evidence still is a risk that very low until seems to be need to, even in this case, can have an interest in quarantine because]

this On the other hand, local governments and quarantine authorities plan to include all anomalous businesses that operate like clubs during Halloween.