There are only two days until the spirit of Halloween invades the streets with costumes and candy, but Google has already begun to celebrate it with a

new creation


The technology giant has developed a series of

ghostly 3D characters

that, through its own browser, can be downloaded and placed on the mobile's personal camera.

The invention works in augmented reality.

The dolls come to life on the screen once we have carried out all the steps indicated by Google.

You can decide between a


, a

black cat

, a


and many other characters.

In networks, as expected, hundreds of users have shared their


at seeing the famous creations: "Working with my new Halloween friend today."

How does it work

Sample of the human skeleton in the Google search engine

To "invoke" the particular Halloween characters, just open Google on a

mobile device

, search for the specific words provided by the company and follow the instructions in the

"view in 3D"



From that moment, permission will be asked to access the personal camera and we will only have to press the shutter button or the video button to obtain augmented reality.

The dolls available are the following:

  • 'Human Skeleton

    ' - Summon a dancing skeleton

  • '


    : ghost with eyes

  • 'Black Cat

    ': a black cat with a funny witch hat

  • 'Hot Dog

    ': a terrier dressed up as a hot dog

  • '


    ': pumpkins

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