A group claiming to act on behalf of a million Britons wants to sue Facebook for the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal, the




The group, Facebook You Owe Us, sent a letter to the social media giant on Wednesday.

The group does not agree with the fine of £ 500,000 (EUR 553,000) imposed on Facebook by the British state for the scandal, calling the amount "change".

The scandal came to light in 2018.

It then emerged that Cambridge Analytica had collected personal information from millions of Facebook users shortly before the 2016 US elections to create psychological profiles.

To do this, the company used a Facebook quiz, which collected data not only from people who took the quiz, but also from all their Facebook friends.

Facebook tells the

BBC that it

has not yet received any documents in the case.

The company points to the conclusions of the UK privacy watchdog, which found "no evidence" that European data has ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook You Owe Us wants to file a mass claim against the company and is calling on affected British users to join the group.