After its rejection of the preconditions of "Apple" related to the operation of the "service"

Facebook prevents a new gaming service from running on the iPhone

"Facebook" launched the new service to operate on phones and mobile devices.

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Facebook has banned the operation of its new service for mobile games streaming through iPhones, iPads, tablets and other Apple mobile devices, after rejecting the operating conditions set by Apple, foremost among which is the need to review the games required to run. By the game team at "Apple", and that the fees for operating the service are collected through the "Apple Payments" application, thus joining "Facebook" to the list of companies rejecting the policies of "Apple" at this point, including "Microsoft" and "Google" And Ipic Games, and others.

This came during the announcement of the vice president of operation at "Facebook", Jason Rubin, of the start of the new service, in a statement published on the official newsroom of "Facebook", justifying the decision of "Facebook" that "Apple" treats games differently. It continues to control a very valuable resource, he said.


Robin said, "Facebook" does not create a separate cloud gaming service, but rather a service connected with the "Facebook" games project, whereby all games that are broadcasted through the cloud can be played in the same way that they are now played on Facebook, whether It was on the games tab or from the news feed.

The latest move

The launch of the "Facebook" service for streaming mobile games is the latest step by the social media giant in the field of network games that are practiced on the network, through live broadcasts. The company has previously provided the "Facebook" service that is practiced through computers and over the Internet. Through user accounts inside Facebook, the service was very popular, and now used by 380 million people, but it was not based on the live broadcast method offered by other competitors, such as Sony, Microsoft, Google and Amazon And Nvidia, who provide ways for people to play visually complex games over the Internet, with consoles, desktop and laptop computers, using technology similar to Netflix's broadcast technology for movies.

When Facebook decided to use the same technology to provide games, it chose to offer it via mobile phones only, so that those who use the Facebook application from their mobile phones run the service directly from their phones, without the need to download games or any applications on their phones.

Terms of "Apple"

Facebook launched the new service to operate on phones, tablets and other mobile devices running on the "Android" system without problems, but when operating on phones and devices running the "iOS" operating system, it clashed with the conditions set by Apple in this regard, the most prominent of which were two conditions. The first is for cloud game providers to submit each game to Apple’s review team before using it. The second condition is that the operating fees are estimated and collected through the “Apple Pay” application.

And justified «Apple» by saying that it has established the application store to be a safe and reliable place for customers to discover and download applications, and it is also a wonderful business opportunity for all developers.

In all cases, she added, "Apple" is responsible for ensuring that the applications are subject to high standards of privacy, security and content, because there is nothing more important to the company than maintaining the confidence of its users.


Because of this policy, "Apple" has been subjected to many criticisms and controversies from other technology and game giants, such as Google, Microsoft, and IPIC, the maker of the "Fortnite" game.

And "Microsoft" said last August that "Apple" stands alone, as it is the only public platform that denies consumers the services of cloud games and participation in games "Xbox Game Pass", while the company "IPIC" filed a lawsuit against it, accusing it of It exercises a monopoly.

New gameplay features

The company "Facebook" reported that the streaming mobile game streaming service is part of its game project, and includes new features for playing, including playing without the need to download or install any application, as during the game users can watch each other as they play and compete, This is similar to what happens in live broadcasting services on regular devices, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Amazon.

She added that players can use games to meet friends and convert them to a new type of social network. On the other hand, if the player needs to do something in the game, he is alerted on Facebook. In addition, he can use his friends list. On Facebook, to invite them to play with him.

And "Facebook" added that players' names and symbols bearing the theme of the games will be presented to players to represent themselves in the game, instead of using the full name and profile picture. The newly designed "Games" tab includes updated discovery and re-interaction features to help players find games. New to try to return to the games they played.