The court issued an arrest warrant for the Democratic Party lawmaker Jeong Jeong-soon, whose arrest motion was passed by the National Assembly.

The Cheongju District Court issued an arrest warrant for Chung, who was charged with violating the Public Official Election Act, Political Funds Act, and Personal Information Protection Act around 0 am today (30th).

It has been 9 hours since a motion for arrest was passed by the National Assembly at about 3 pm yesterday.

It is known that the prosecution is discussing whether to seek compulsory recruitment after Chung revealed his intention to appear on his own right after the motion for arrest was passed.

The prosecution believes that Jung committed an accounting fraud during the April 15 general election and received illegal political funds from the Cheongju City Council.

We are also investigating charges of using illegally acquired volunteer center member information for elections.

(Photo = Yonhap News)