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Apple has stepped up efforts to develop its own search engine to provide an alternative to Google, according to a

Financial Times


published this morning.


The British daily refers in particular to recent changes in the presentation of search results on iPhone using iOS 14, the latest version of the Apple brand's mobile operating system.

This information is published a few days after the announcement by the US government of lawsuits against Google for abuse of dominant position in Internet search services.

The US Department of Justice pointed out in its complaint that Google was paying Apple billions of dollars to appear as the main search engine on devices with the iOS system.

Apple approached Google

The apple brand did not respond to requests from the press.

The development of a search engine by the Cupertino giant has been mentioned several times in the past.

According to the

Financial Times

, Apple also hired former Google search chief John Giannandrea two years ago.

This was responsible for strengthening its artificial intelligence department and its virtual assistant Siri.


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