Apple would have definitely buried its AirPower -


In 2017, Apple created excitement among its fans by unveiling for the first time a wireless charging cradle without specifying its release date.

At the time, this type of product was on the rise, so it was quite logical to see Apple working on the subject.

Unfortunately, Apple had no longer addressed the development of the AirPower after announcing it in 2017, raising fears of the worst.

It was not until 2019 that the American company announced the bad news: it has abandoned AirPower.

The Californian firm said that despite its efforts, the product had never reached its quality standards and was therefore canceled.

However, the rumor that Apple was still working on such a product would still run.

Several patents filed were aimed precisely in this direction, but according to leaker Jon Prosser, we should not hope to see the AirPower one day.

No more use

In his tweet, the man said his sources said tests and prototypes for the AirPower had been removed from the schedule for the year 2021, adding that the chances of it ever going to market were slim.

The release of the MagSafe charger could be related to this decision making.

This new iPhone charger inherited from the MacBook Pro allows you to charge the iPhone 12 without a wired connection.

An alternative to AirPower, which has had the merit of coming out of Apple's laboratories and having been marketed.


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