Whether to implement the hospitalization specialist system in earnest from January next year is decided by the Health Insurance Policy Deliberation Committee.

Internal discussion is in full swing, followed by reporter Nam Joo-hyun.

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is a patient with an infected wound after a colon resection.

[Park Seul-gi/Severance Hospital Hospitalization Specialist: I am still treating my wounds in the morning and evening...


[Han Yoon-Dae/College Surgery Patients: I am a little more relieved because I get immediate feedback when I ask.)] As a

result of the four-year pilot project, a specialist in charge of hospitalization was evaluated as having improved both the quality of medical services and patient satisfaction. In January of next year, the promotion of this project was strong.

However, last month, strong opposition from member representatives, public interest representatives and some members of the Health Insurance Policy Review Committee was not passed.

I agree that it is a desirable system for improving the quality of medical care, but it was the reason that it would not work properly without expanding medical school capacity.

[Seungha Hwang/Seoul Asan Hospital Integrated Internal Medicine Specialist: We need to approach patients in terms of how much better quality services can be provided than the notion that the total number of doctors is insufficient.)]

Currently, hospital beds dedicated to hospitalization are in the metropolitan area. It is focused, but if it is made evenly in the area, it can be an alternative to prevent the crowding of patients in large hospitals in the metropolitan area.

It is analyzed that this is because in-patient specialists are more prominent in areas where specialized medical personnel are relatively scarce.

[Jang Sung-in/Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, Yonsei University: Overall, patients' satisfaction has improved, but the improvement in the provinces is much greater than that in Seoul and the metropolitan area.] The

Ministry of Health and Welfare, which has led the pilot project by persuading hospitals, next month's Health and Welfare Department The plan is to persuade the members as much as possible before the insurance policy deliberation committee.

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