Video calling service Microsoft Teams is used by an average of 115 million people every day.

Microsoft announced this on Tuesday evening during the presentation of its quarterly figures.

This means that the number of people using Teams has increased by 50 percent in the past six months.

Then the service still attracted about 75 million people every day.

The growth of the service is largely due to the fact that many people have been working from home since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Microsoft has been adding new features to Teams over the past few months.

In July, for example, it became possible to place participants of a video call in a virtual environment, which, for example, makes it seem as if they are sitting together in a lecture hall.

The number of daily users is difficult to compare with competitors. Both Google and Zoom measure the number of daily participants in video calls, which means that someone who calls more often in a day is also counted more often.