A Salafist imam, suspected of having defrauded tens of thousands of euros in social benefits, is in custody in Angers.

He would also not have declared nearly 150,000 euros in income paid by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in France. 

An imam is in custody in the premises of the Angers judicial police, suspected of having received tens of thousands of euros in undue social benefits.

According to information gathered by Europe 1, this man was arrested Tuesday with his ex-partner, who has since been released.

The imam is questioned by the police in an open investigation for fraud and covert work.

Between 2015 and 2018, he would have received around 40,000 euros in social allowances while over the same period he would have benefited from 3,000 euros paid every month by the Saudi Arabian embassy in France, or nearly 150,000 euros undeclared and whose justification is also the subject of the investigation, according to information from Europe 1. At the time, this man of French nationality was imam of the Allonnes mosque, near Le Mans.

Considered by the intelligence services to be close to Salafist circles, he left Sarthe and settled in Haute-Saône.