Apple has acquired the Spanish company Vilynx, the tech giant confirms to



The start-up uses artificial intelligence to make videos searchable.

Apple has not shared the takeover price for the start-up, but according to a source, 50 million dollars (about 43 million euros) would have been paid.

Vilynx trains an artificial intelligence to analyze the images and sound of videos to see what they are about in terms of content.

In this way, the company discovers where, for example, a red car can be seen in a TV episode.

The software would understand the context of certain videos.

For example, if Michael Jordan's face is detected, an algorithm will understand that it belongs to the former NBA basketball player.

Find clips from videos

The technology should make it easier to search the content of videos.

Apple has not yet said how the company's technology will be deployed.

Google recently announced plans to make videos searchable in a similar fashion.

That option will be added to the tech giant's search engine.