Instagram will introduce a new nudity policy on Wednesday after it falsely deleted images of Nyome Nicholas-Williams, a British model,




From then on, hugging or holding breasts is explicitly allowed.

The platform said the earlier ban on "chest squeezing" images had been misapplied when Nicholas-William's photos were first removed in July.

The platform still bans photos of people gripping their breasts "in a gripping motion with flexed fingers or when there is a marked change in the shape of the breasts".

According to the black model, the removal of images of her covering her breasts with her arms is a result of racism within the algorithm.

She found that similar, or even more naked, images of thin, white women were not removed.

Facebook, owner of Instagram, has since apologized to Nicholas-Williams.

"It may take a while for the new policy to be properly implemented, but we are committed to getting it right," an Instagram spokesperson told


The company has not yet commented on the accusation of racism within the algorithm.

Earlier this year, Instagram has promised to "do more to support the black community on the platform".

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