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new corona19 confirmed cases increased by 119 a day yesterday (25th), resulting in a cumulative number of 25,000.

In particular, group infections are continuing at academies and hospitals, and as Halloween Day is ahead, the health authorities have repeatedly demanded compliance with quarantine regulations.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo reports.


Of the new confirmed cases added yesterday, 94 cases occurred in Korea.

An additional 65 people were infected in the Gyeonggi area alone, and four were added at a nursing facility in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do, where 26 confirmed cases were confirmed.

In relation to the Namyangju Happy Nursing Home, where the group infection occurred on the 22nd, 5 more people were infected, and the cumulative confirmed number increased to 51.

In addition, at least 25 people were confirmed with the family family in Guro-gu, Seoul and the dance academy in Bucheon.

In Seoul, on the 23rd, 20 people were added, including 4 people at the Gangseo-gu Oriental Medicine Hospital where the first confirmed person was confirmed.

In Incheon, 88 confirmed cases were concentrated in the metropolitan area, with 3 additional confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of foreign inflow was counted as 25, with 17 people being positive in the quarantine process.

Ahead of Halloween Day this weekend, as the number of new confirmed cases increased to three digits, health officials repeatedly demanded compliance with quarantine regulations.

[Dao-Tae Kang/Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare: Please remember the spread of infection from the club in Itaewon in May, and please refrain from meetings where close contact occurs in a confined space.]

Starting today, targeting 62 to 69 years old. National vaccination has begun.