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Leaving someone seen on WhatsApp is one of the evils of our time that more friendship and partner relationships can deteriorate.

It is not usually malicious, the messages of a conversation are simply read and left for later, a time to respond that never comes through carelessness.

In many cases the culprit is the desktop version of the application, WhatsApp Web, which shows the user online at all times.

In addition, if it is used to avoid mobile distractions during work, the chances of leaving contacts in sight increase.

Answering the prayers of many, Tomer8007 has created an extension for the Chrome browser that solves all problems at once.

First, WAIncognito allows us to hide the "online" while we use WhatsApp Web, showing the last time of connection to the application from the mobile phone.

It also allows the user to read the messages without showing them as read to the contact.

Of course, as long as the conversation is not answered, then the messages prior to the reply will be shown read.

It also allows you to mark the messages as read so that the double blue tick appears in the chat and leave the contact in seen with total treachery.

From the extension's own page they read: "Be invisible on WhatsApp Web by disabling read receipts and connection updates. See other people's read receipts and the last connection time, but never send yours. Freely explore any conversation without confirming the reading. Also, no one will know that you are online. "

The perfect tool to use the WhatsApp application in Villarejo mode.

The messages not read or rather, not gossiped, will be shown as a number (indicating the number of messages) in a green circle, in the left area in each chat.

If the messages have been read, but not marked as such (to hide the read receipt from the contact), the number of messages will appear in a red circle.

To mark as read, just press the button that appears in green with the text "Mark as read".

This extension also works to see the WhatsApp statuses without the contact knowing it, to listen to the audios without being marked as listened and even works in the case of downloading and viewing files such as photos and videos.

An all in one.

WAIncognito adds a new menu to WhatsApp Web through which you can activate a time interval for the reading confirmation to be activated, including the option of never and allows you to activate or deactivate the option to show the last connection.

The application can be deactivated from the Chrome Tools option (by pressing the three vertical dots located in the upper right), More tools, Extensions and deselecting where it says WAIncognito.


The thing about this trick is that the user does not violate any WhatsApp privacy rule, because the program does not access the messages or the content of the messaging application.

It does not send information to any external server.

It also does not collect personal information from the primary user or their contacts.

That is why the user is not exposed to WhatsApp blocking their account for using third-party applications that could put the security of other users of the service at risk.

All the pros and only one but, that it does not work also on the mobile phone.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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