I told you a while ago that the Coast Guard has made a strong response to Chinese fishing boats that are engaged in illegal fishing in our seas. There is.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae reports.

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large fishing boats, high-speed boats near the sea are approaching quickly.

It makes a stop sign in a large circle around the fishing boat, but the fishing boat does not slow down.

After chase, the high-speed boat is attached to the side of the fishing boat and the crew jumps into the boat.

[Marine Police Crew: In the midst of a crackdown agent!


Finished line!]

Yesterday (25th) around 3:30pm, two Chinese ships were caught by the coastline, which were illegally fishing in the sea about 59km away from Socheong Island, Incheon.

The coast guard captured one of these and sent it to Incheon-only pier.

Until now, the non-face-to-face operation of the method of expelling due to the influence of Corona 19 has been continued, but the number of illegal fishing increased significantly in a year, and the arrest resumed after nine months.

They were found to have swept away large fish while hung on a net between two fishing boats, and a survey of the sea was found.

As group invasion of Chinese ships is common and there are concerns about infection, protective gear is also worn.

[Seaside officials: (Illegal fishing boats) There are about 10 ships around...


Even in a dangerous situation, we're winning.

They wore protective gear and quarantine over it.]

All 15 Chinese sailors, including the captain, who were


were tested negative for Corona 19.

The Coast Guard is investigating the illegal operation of the captain.

(Video coverage: Lim Dong-guk, video editing: Won-hee Won, screen provided: Central Regional Maritime Police Agency)