The prosecution, who is investigating the suspicion of an Optimus Asset Management Fund fraud and political relations lobbying, summoned a fund seller, Daishin Securities, for the first time.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office of Economic Crime and Criminal Justice is investigating Mr. A, a manager of Daishin Securities, as a reference.

Daishin Securities is the first securities company to sell Optimus Fund, and the Korea Broadcasting and Communications Agency invested KRW 106 billion in Optimus Fund 13 times from 2017 to 2018.

Of these, 83 billion won was sold through Daishin Securities.

On the 16th, the prosecution seized and searched the headquarters of Daishin Securities in Jung-gu, Seoul and the Gyeongin Headquarters of the Radio Promotion Agency to secure related data.

The prosecution is checking how Daishin Securities sold the Optimus Fund against Mr. A, who was in charge of fund product planning, and whether there was any lobbying or fraudulent solicitation in the process.