Several French sites have been affected by a cyber attack.


Jenny Kane / AP / SIPA

A wave of cyberattacks was underway on several French sites on Sunday evening, announced the Twitter account of the national device for helping victims of cyberthreats.

The organization does not specify the identity of the targeted sites.

🔴 [#ALERTE # Cybersecurity] Current wave of #cyberattacks in # disfigurement targeting many French Internet sites.

All the advice from to face it on:

cc @Interieur_Gouv @justice_gouv @ANSSI_FR

- (@cybervictimes) October 25, 2020

These are “disfiguring cyber attacks,” says the government account.

“This type of attack often exploits known, but unpatched, vulnerabilities to add information to a web page or replace it with a claim,” according to the National Information Systems Security Agency.

Two to seven years in prison

In the event of a cyberattack, the government advises to immediately unplug the affected machine and keep the evidence and hard drives, which will be useful to investigators.

It also invites victims to file a complaint with a police station.

The individuals behind these attacks face two to seven years' imprisonment and a fine of between 60,000 euros and 300,000 euros.


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