Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wants Facebook to ban anti-Islamic content.

In a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the prime minister asks the social medium to treat Islamophobic content the same as posts denying the Holocaust.

Last month, Facebook decided to ban messages that deny the Holocaust.

According to Khan, Islamophobia on the platform should be tackled in the same way: "It cannot be that hate speech about some is not allowed, but messages about others are."

Khan says he sees similarities between the persecution of Jews during World War II, the violent pogroms in Eastern Europe and the way Muslims are treated: "Today we see pogroms against Muslims in different parts of the world," Khan writes to Zuckerberg. .

"Islamophobia must be banned before Muslims are prosecuted."

A spokesperson for Facebook says that messages in which people based on origin or religion are attacked are already banned.

"Messages inciting hatred will be removed once brought to our attention."

The spokesperson added that there is "more work to be done".