Then, let's take a closer look at the story of Minister Chu Mi-ae today (26th) by connecting a reporter covering the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office who is investigating the Lime case.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo, Kim Bong-hyun's statement, who is currently arrested as a key figure in the Lime incident, is confirmed as a fact as a result of the inspection.


Yes, it is known that a direct investigation into prosecutors claiming to have been entertained by Mr. Kim Bong-hyun who raised the suspicion has not been conducted yet.

First of all, the prosecution confiscated the office of Attorney A, which Mr. Bong-Hyun Kim had designated as the key person in the hospitality suspicion last week.

Through the data obtained here, we are checking the schedule and movement of Attorney A.

Most importantly, it is said that the time of reception for alcohol in July 2019, which Mr. Kim Bong-hyun pointed out, has not yet been specified by the prosecution.

So, if the time, place, and amount of entertainment between lawyer A and Kim Bong-hyun are revealed, the investigation will be resilient.


Minister Choo Mi-ae said that entertainment was held in the bar where the prosecutors seized and searched in April. Then, how is the investigation going on?


Yes, it is.

Minister Choo Mi-ae said that the location of the hospitality could be specified based on the investigation by the Ministry of Justice, but the prosecution is looking for specific evidence and examining the facts.

First of all, to summarize the explanation of Minister Chu Mi-ae, based on Kim Bong-hyun's statement, A room salon was specified, and the prosecution said that the prosecution confiscated this place in April.

The date that Minister Chu said was April 21, and Kim Bong-hyun was arrested on April 23, two days later.

Even before Kim Bong-hyun was arrested, the room salon was seized and searched, and the prosecution is trying to determine whether there is a connection between the two.

In addition to the statement made by Bong-Hyun Kim, which was the basis for the results of the inspection by the Ministry of Justice, we are also looking for objective evidence to support Kim Bong-Hyun's claim.

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