“After two months, sometimes three months, the synthesis of antibodies is turned off and their amount sometimes drops to almost zero.

But this does not mean that our body is not protected from this pathogen, ”TASS quotes him.

According to Gunzburg, "memory cells" are formed in the human body, which, when they meet again with the same pathogen or the same antigen in the form of a vaccine preparation, "synthesize the required protective amount of antibodies in three to four days."

“Therefore, a decrease in the level of antibodies after vaccination after two to three months is completely normal and should not bother those who were vaccinated,” he stressed.

Earlier, Gunzburg named four groups of people who do not develop antibodies well after the administration of the coronavirus vaccine.

On October 18, Honored Doctor of Russia Alexander Karabinenko spoke about how to protect yourself from COVID-19 coronavirus infection in winter.

According to him, in winter it is necessary not to forget about the mask and gloves.

Epidemiologist Felix Ershov, in an interview with NSN, commented on the situation with COVID-19 in Russia.