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Groups are all the rage on Facebook.

Users of the social network post less content on their profile but more on the groups to which they are subscribed, according to a study conducted by the YouGov institute at the request of Facebook.

No less than 15,000 people from 15 different countries were interviewed to identify the trend around Facebook groups, said 



First observation: the groups grew during the health crisis, promoting mutual assistance between Internet users.

Thus, 91% of respondents indicated that they had supported other users through groups over the period.

Group moderation is necessary

Loyalty is the order of the day: 86% of those questioned intend to remain involved in groups.

The ties forged are so strong that a third of those surveyed indicated that they confided more easily with members of the group than with their relatives.

In particular, they indicate that they can express themselves more freely.

In recent months, Facebook has been promoting groups on its platform in order to encourage exchange and community creation.

But the social network still had to take measures to fight against hate speech and fake news that often circulate there.

Certain groups are thus less prominent, when they are not completely deleted.


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