Four former Uber drivers went to court in Amsterdam on Monday morning.

They say Uber is firing employees through automated systems, their lawyer Anton Ekkers reports on his website.

It concerns three drivers from the United Kingdom and one from Portugal.

They say they have been dismissed from Uber after being accused of "fraudulent activity" by the Uber algorithm.

The drivers say they have not committed any fraud.

According to Uber, fraud occurs if, for example, a driver rejects a customer, or if a driver logs out strategically to raise fares.

Uber would never have given the drivers an explanation for the dismissal.

Nor could they object.

Under European privacy law, algorithms are not allowed to determine whether or not an employee should be fired.

That decision must be made by a human. has asked Uber for a response.

The use of algorithms at Uber is more often under fire.

In July, two British Uber drivers also filed a lawsuit against the taxi company.

They wanted to know what information was collected about them and how data was used to make decisions about them.