Airport parking service, these days, it is mainly used by domestic passengers.

Employees of a company use the car left by the customer at will and say abusive words to the customer as it is in the car black box.

Even the companies responded that there was no problem, but reporter Kang Min-woo covered the report.


Mr. A left a car at a parking agency at Gimpo Airport on his trip to Jeju last month.

[Parking agency employee: (Thank you) Yes, come back!] I need to

move the car directly to the parking lot, but the company's employee calls someone with a radio.

[Parking agency employee: Come to OO, after it.] The

person who arrives soon and gets in the car, a fellow employee of the same company.

[Parking agency employee: (Don't you know if you see it?) Let's go!] The

place where I drove was the middle meeting point near the airport.

This time, another employee says to use Mr. A's car for work.

[Parking agency employee: I have to use this for leaving work.

And I deliberately left one Avante.

One or two should be left.]

The customer's car is freely used for the movement of staff between the airport and the intermediate meeting point and parking lot.

A parking agency employee picked up other employees in Mr. A's car and took them to Gimpo Airport here.

Then I picked up another employee waiting here.

The car's free use of the customer's car was photographed on the black box of the car, and the scenes of the employees gossiping and swearing at the customer A, who has a dog, were also recorded.

[Parking agency employee: Do you know why women have dogs?

All the dogs are perverts. Those are XX crazy Xs.]

[Mr. A/Vehicle Illegal Use Victim: I feel like I'm really feeling upset and vomiting."

I was so emotionally shocked that I completely disinfected the interior and did all the quarantine.] The

company claims that it was a deviation from some of its employees, and will educate them to prevent this from happening again, but insist that there is no legal problem in riding a car together.

[Parking agency official: Honestly, is it illegal for drivers to pick up and go down the car?

The delivery app announces that the delivery drivers are going through (multiple places) and doesn't (deliver) it, right?

Isn't it the same concept?]

[Bong-gyun Choi/Attorney: If you use your car in this way without the knowledge of the car owner, you may be a criminal offense for illegal use of the car, Article 331-2 of the Criminal Code.

You may be subject to imprisonment for up to three years, or a fine, detention or fine of up to 5 million won.]

Under the criminal law, the police plan to accuse the company's employees for illegal use of automobiles and insult and conduct related investigations.

(Video coverage: Nam Nam Kim·Woong Choi, Video editing: Hyunki Jang)