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For the first time in Korea, an art exhibition with dogs was held.

It was an exhibition titled'A museum for all, an art museum for dogs' at the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Not only the subject matter of the artwork, but also the exhibition environment are all decorated around dogs.

Dogs who became the main characters of the exhibition and visited the museum saw the works that looked similar to themselves, and they seemed to be really immersed in thoughts like people.

There is also a spacious space where you can jump among the straw piles and installation works on the lawn.

This exhibition was an exhibition that invited modern people to ask about the meaning of companions in modern society and the definition of public spaces such as art museums.

On this day, a visitor said, "It was a valuable experience just to find a public place where you can go with dogs. I hope that there will be more spaces where you can go with dogs.

Netizens responded by saying, "A dog that comforts the weary modern people! It is really love.", "I want to go to the next exhibition with my dog ​​^^".

(Screen source: YouTube National Museum of Contemporary Art)