<Anchor> After the

outbreak of African swine fever last month, yesterday (25th), highly pathogenic AI and avian influenza were detected in migratory bird feces after 2 years and 8 months.

The quarantine authorities and livestock farmers went into special quarantine, and reporter Song In-ho on-site checked how effective it would be.

<Reporter> A

quarantine vehicle is sprayed with disinfectant in the land of migratory birds.

This is to prevent propagation to poultry farms such as chickens and ducks as highly pathogenic AI is detected in migratory bird feces.

However, experts believe that this type of indiscriminate disinfection has little effect.

This is because the virus is not in soil or grass, but in living migratory birds or feces.

[Nong-Hoon Choi/Professor of Konkuk University Veterinary Medicine College: You can expect a practical disinfection effect by directly disinfecting the road surface that the vehicle is passing by, rather than disinfecting the surface.

This is because there are no pathogens to be controlled in the grass where the disinfectant is now sprayed.]

Disinfection vehicles come and go every day around the pig farm, but more are sprayed on the walls of the barn or in the air.

[Nong-Hoon Choi/Professor of Konkuk University Veterinary Medicine College: This is a scene where disinfectants are sprayed in a way that can not be expected at all.

There are no pathogens on the walls or outside space.] This

is a private slaughterhouse that slaughters about 1,000 pigs a day.

Livestock vehicles carrying pigs are disinfected every time they enter the slaughterhouse.

However, the automatic spraying system did not spray enough disinfectant onto the wheels, so people are re-disinfecting them one by one.

[Nong-Hoon Choi/Professor of Konkuk University Veterinary Medicine College: After getting off the livestock in the slaughterhouse, the contaminated (livestock) organic matter should be cleaned well, and the vehicle must enter the farm after secondary disinfection at the base disinfection facility to effectively spread disease. It can be prevented.] The

quicklime sprayed on the driveway of the barn, etc., does not have a great disinfecting effect in powder form, so it must be kept in a liquid state by spraying water.

(Video coverage: Gong Jin-gu, video editing: Kim Jong-woo, CG: number of announcements)