It was argued that the people who were downloaded and were'copyright hunted' were suffering damage because they were called free fonts.

Power of the People Rep. Choi Hyung-du requested an improvement in the general state audit of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee today (26th), saying, "The content certificate is being sent indiscriminately by law firms requesting settlement money for infringing font copyrights."

According to the data released on the day of'Counseling on Fonts by the Copyright Commission for the Last Five Years', more than 1,200 cases were received by receiving a certificate of content due to font copyright infringement.

This is half of the 2,428 total font-related consultations.

In this regard, Congressman Choi explained that a portal café with 36,600 members was created to respond to the threats of copyright-related complaints.

● So-called'copyright hunt', why do you get hit?

Most of the cases in which problems arise after downloading them free of charge from portals, etc., are used without knowing that they are only free for'personal document creation and holdings'.

Beyond this range, for example, even for non-commercial use, you will have to pay for a download to create and distribute in school brochures and official documents.

However, it is pointed out that non-professionals are currently distributing complex licensing policies such as different free user ranges for each production company and font, the type and use of work, and whether or not distribution is possible.

Congressman Choi said, "To prevent font copyright infringement due to user negligence, it is important to check the status of malicious complaints and accusations by creators and law firms, but above all,

users can easily understand the copyright contents when downloading through portals.


is a need for improvement such as labeling,

” he stressed, asking for the committee to actively promote copyright and education.

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(Source ='Copyright TV' YouTube, Yonhap News)