The court judged that a survivor's salary should be paid to an employee who died suddenly after participating in a company-sponsored weekend hiking event.

Today (26th), the 7th division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Deputy Judge Kook-Hyeon Kim) announced that the plaintiff won a ruling in the'lawsuit for canceling the disposition of the non-payment of survivors' salaries and funeral expenses' filed by the family member A's family against the Labor Welfare Corporation.

Mr. A went hiking in March 2015 with his colleagues on a 1 night 2 day schedule.

Mr. A, who started climbing around 9:30 am on the second day, did not complain of any symptoms until he descended after arriving at the summit, and then suddenly bent and collapsed.

Mr. A was urgently evacuated to the hospital, but he died at around 4:30 pm.

A's direct cause of death was not identified, but the hospital revealed that there is a high possibility of soldier death due to cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction due to acute myocardial infarction and arrhythmia.

Accordingly, the family of Mr. A applied for a survivor's salary and funeral expenses to the Labor Welfare Corporation.

However, the Corporation decided that "the cause of death is not clear, and the circumstances of being overworked while carrying out ordinary duties before death are not recognized."

Dissatisfied with the decision, Mr. A's bereaved family eventually filed a lawsuit against the 

Industrial Complex


The judge said, "The operator of the company where Mr. A was working for the purpose of unity held a mountain climbing event. All the workers participated in the mountain climbing, and Mr. A, who had a low position in the company, would have been in a difficult situation to refuse to participate "

“Mr. A was advised to refrain from running sports due to an underlying disease, etc., and did not usually do vigorous exercise.” “Mr. A died due to mental and physical burdens during the climbing process on Saturday. There is a significant causal relationship between work and death,” he explained.

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