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Hadong, Gyeongnam, a man in his 30s assaulted a woman who he never saw simply because he looked at him.

He intensively attacked his head and injured him a lot, but the problem was that the policeman who received the report was someone he knew and he did not arrest this man and let him go.

This happened when the police chief ordered the national police station to crack down on a special crackdown on violence.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Jeong Ban-seok.

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4:40 pm on the 23rd, two days ago, in the town of Hadong, Gyeongnam.

Mr. Park, 34, passes by while looking at the women.

[Victor: Why?]

After a while, he comes back to a woman and suddenly slaps him on the cheek.

[Vampire: As you walk from a distance, you keep saying'what a collaborator' or'what a stare'.

He looked at me and said,'Me?'

So, when he


back, he hit the right cheek.] The

victim asked an acquaintance to report the police and followed him, but Park beat the woman again, knocked it down, and kicked it with his feet.

[Vampire: I was strangled when I reported it, and I fell down momentarily fainting, so I hit my face indiscriminately. Because I blocked it, I grabbed my head and lifted my face. While wearing safety boots,

the assault ceased as the pedestrians around


were curled up, but the victim was torn, concussion, and cheekbone fracture.

In a police investigation, Mr. Park, a daily worker, said that while he drank alcohol and admonished his junior, a woman stared and assaulted him.

Still, the police did not take any measures to protect the victims and did not arrest Park, who was accused of injury.

Mr. Park voluntarily attended and said the damage was not so great that he was arrested in an emergency, and even gave an absurd reason.

[Police official: Someone we know. (What do you know?) A person with acquaintance. (How?) Because Hadong-eup is narrow, it's too narrow, so you know everything.]

[Police officers: (What should I do if I run away?) If we run away, we'll be arranged.]

Previously, the National Police Agency was in charge of responding strictly to the'Do not ask assault'. By creating an investigation team, we have announced that we will conduct special crackdowns and actively support victims by this month.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Lee So-young, CG: Jung Hoe-yoon)