The US government's request to block China's social media app WeChat from app stores has again been rejected by the judge,




The judge did not agree with the government's argument that the app would pose a threat to national security.

An earlier request to block the app was already rejected last month.

According to the United States, US users of WeChat run the risk of their data falling into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

WeChat owner Tencent denies the app is being used for espionage.

Although additional evidence was provided for this, the judge did not agree.

The US Department of Justice has appealed against this decision.

The verdict is not expected before December.

In the meantime, it will remain possible to download the app in the US.

WeChat is especially popular in China, but is also used by the Chinese outside of it.

For example, they can come into contact with family.

In addition to sending chat and audio messages, the app also includes a way to pay in stores and order products or services.