Between Friday night and Sunday morning, three people were killed in Marseille.

Despite the gray areas around these murders, all the victims were all found near one of these Marseilles cities known by the police to harbor a "stupid plan".

A man riddled with bullets in his car, in a settling of scores, another found dead, again by bullets: Marseille experienced two new homicides on Sunday, after the murder of a teenager in the night from Friday to Saturday, specified the Marseille prosecutor's office.

Sunday morning, it is first the body of a man, killed by firearm, which is discovered by the rescue services in the 16th arrondissement, near Mourepiane, one of these cities of the popular and deprived districts of the north. of the city plagued by drug trafficking.

"A classic Kalashnikov-style settling of scores"

Then, in the middle of the morning, the marine firefighters are called again, in the 13th arrondissement this time, near the city of Hirondelles: but they can only note the death of the victim, again a man aged one. in his twenties, shot several times while in his car.

"In this last case, we are faced with a good classic settling of accounts, Kalashnikov", insists a representative of the Marseille prosecutor's office, specifying that the victim is "very well known to the police services": "We are sure that it is a matter of settling scores ".


 Shooting in Marseille: one of the young girls hit by gunfire on Sunday died

Victims found near sensitive cities

"Neighborhood confusion, drug plan that goes wrong, brawl that escalates?"

: for the two other homicides of the weekend, and in particular the death of this young man of barely 18 from Nice killed in the night from Friday to Sunday, the investigators are less certain, even if the two victims were known "for narcotics", confirms the prosecution.

One certainty: each time these facts took place near one of these Marseilles cities known by the police to host a "stupid plan", as in Les Flamants, setting of the first homicide of the weekend, a few just hundreds of yards from Sunday morning's settling of scores.

Since October 11 and the death of a 19-year-old woman fatally shot while in a vehicle near another drug point in Belle de Mai, four homicides have affected Marseille.

With this Sunday morning settling of accounts, ten people have lost their lives in "lawlessness" across the Bouches-du-Rhône since the beginning of the year.