Mountaineers flocked to the mountain to see the autumn colors before the autumn leaves fall.

There was a line all day long, and I watched the people enjoying late autumn from the sky.

This is reporter Ahn Hee-jae.


Colorful autumn leaves embroidered on Mt. Jirisan.

At the entrance to the hiking trail, cars hang on the trails in the parking lot.

People who climbed to the top along the trail dressed in red.

Cool breeze to cool off your sweat and enjoy the superb autumn scenery.

--- The

last harvest is in full swing on the vast plain.

The hands of farmers are busy preparing for the coming winter by arranging farming in the year when they were breathless due to the subsequent rainy season and typhoon.

--- The

silvery reed field is filled with autumn mood.

They take three to three photographs among the swaying reeds, walk leisurely on the promenade, and leave memories of autumn.


The outdoor park was also crowded with crowds trying to enjoy outside activities before it gets chillier.

Ahead of the full-fledged Kim Jang-cheol, the market for buying and selling ingredients such as salted fish was very vibrant.

Despite the easing of distancing measures, most of the quarantine rules were followed well, but there were also concerns about wearing a mask over the chin or not wearing it at all.


Some sections of the highway were congested today (25th) as holiday visitors flocked to the sunny weather.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, helicopter control: Min Byeong-ho)