The government recently emphasized that the COVID-19 outbreak is continuing in nursing homes, and that quarantine regulations should be observed.

In addition, in the case of the metropolitan area, he said that the spread of Corona 19 was not serious and asked to be alert.

At a regular briefing held today (25th) at the government building in Seoul, Park Neung-hoo, the first deputy head of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (Central Script), commented on the situation where group infections are continuing in nursing hospitals and nursing homes. The continuing point is a'risk factor' that makes it impossible to relax.”

Deputy General Manager Park continued, "In the case of the metropolitan area, it is judged that the trend of the spread of Corona 19 and the tracking speed of the quarantine network are in a close balance.

According to the script, the daily average number of new confirmed cases in the region for two weeks from the 11th of this month to the previous day was 68.7, an increase of 9.3 from the previous two weeks (59.4), and the average daily number of confirmed cases in the metropolitan area was from 46.6 to 52.9. Increased by 6.3 people.

In particular, the average number of confirmed cases per day for the past week (18 to 24 days) reached 75.3, a significant increase compared to the previous week (62.1), in contrast to the decline in general weekly from the end of last month.

Deputy General Manager Park said, "Since socio-economic activities have been increasing since the first stage of distancing, sporadic group infections can lead to large-scale spread at any time."

He added, "If we lose our awareness of quarantine in our lives, Corona 19 can undoubtedly dig into that vulnerable point. Do not forget to always wear a mask and keep a distance, so that a life quarantine culture based on consideration can be established. Please keep trying."

Deputy General Manager Park also expressed concern about the possibility that group infection will spread among young people after Halloween Day on the 31st.

Deputy General Manager Park said, "I am not aware of the desire to have a meeting with people I haven't seen for a long time due to Corona 19 and to relieve my feelings, but please remember the group infection from the Itaewon club last May." A moment of vigilance can make winter hard for all of us.”

He said again, "I urge you to refrain from meetings where many people gather in an enclosed space and come in close contact with this Halloween Day."

Deputy General Manager Park said, “There are 160 intensive care units that can be admitted immediately, and until now, there is a situation where we can provide stable treatment without any special problems.” “Even if about 210 COVID-19 patients occur daily in 160 intensive care units, "It means that the medical system can handle it."

(Photo = Yonhap News)