Mario Vaquerizo, at the presentation of 'La Último Tourné' at the Calderón Theater in Madrid.


The multifaceted 'showman' presents in Madrid 'La Último Tourné', a show that claims frivolity.

"Not taking it seriously has saved my life," he says.

Mario Vaquerizo

(Madrid, 1974), fulfills a dream: together with his wife,


, and friends like

Bibiana Fernández

, he is going to "do season in Madrid", like the great


of the 70s and 80s. It will be with the show

La last tourné

at the Calderón Theater (until December 6), where the presentation of the project exceeds all expectations.

But that does not affect Vaquerizo, who, beer in hand, displays all his charms before the press, the organizers and the curious with an energetic "How's everything, handsome?"

as a cover letter.

He plays Enzo Marini, a character who loves to lie.

Have you been inspired by someone in particular?

What I have about Enzo regarding the liar is that he always tends to the white lie.

Many times it is because of the situation they are in, which is a bit of desperation.

He and his companions see that their world, the genre of the magazine and the varieties, is disappearing.

That is why in such adverse situations they are forced to change.

Lie a little bit, to help Lying for a good cause ... I'm a bit of a liar.

But I am not a pathological liar.

I am a pious liar.

If for a good cause you have to lie a little, welcome is the lie. His character sings "taking life seriously is nonsense."

Do we need some frivolity? You know what happens?

That like me I have never taken myself seriously.

I laugh at myself.

At certain times, it saves your life by not taking it seriously, or by not taking yourself too seriously.

He has saved me.

When I do interviews and say the things that I think, which are what I really think because I believe in freedom of expression, people say to me "how can you say this?"

Well look, you're taking me too seriously.

I don't think I'm so important.

"Taking life seriously is nonsense" is still a philosophy of life that can be applied to oneself.

Vaquerizo plays Enzo Marini, "the false Italian from Albacete."


How would you define yourself? I am very versatile, in the sense that I can be very intense and at the same time a crazy goat.

But my natural state is to tend to laugh at myself.

Because it's the first thing I do when I get up in the morning: I look at myself in the mirror and laugh.

And what does that do?

That I can also laugh at others. How is Felix Sabroso as a director?

Like when you and Alaska were guest stars at your shows? ”Felix is ​​very strict.

In the way of working, not in the deal.

How a director has to be.

And one more that is going to direct two people, like Alaska and I, who had never been on stage in a theater.

He told me at all times that I had to go with the learned text.

That's what challenged me, because I never, ever thought I was going to be a stage actor.

This was an invitation that was made for a couple of weekends over Christmas with the previous play and it turned into an 80-performance tour.

That's when I realized that I really liked the theater, that it presents a different way than the one I usually work. How does it change? When you see me with my spontaneity and my naturalness ... Well, in the theater you shouldn't do that, out of respect for the text of Felix and the rest of the classmates.

And that's one thing that I hadn't done, but I felt very comfortable doing it and I think I'm gradually making it better by rehearsing.

As Concha Velasco said "you have to go to rehearsals with the text you have learned".

From memory.

Like a parrot.

Later, you make it more organic when it comes to representing it in the cities.

And also at home.

Every day Olvido and I review the performance for an hour before going to the theater.

That makes you have more security, so separate the friendship from the professional, as it should be.

I know how to separate "Felix amigo" from "Felix director" very well.

When the second gives directions, they have to go to mass.

He is the one who directs everything and that is how it has to be.

What happens is that in this area we are in, we are friends but that is not why everything is allowed.

What's more, there are some friends, even closer, with whom I would never work, because my way of approaching work would not coincide with other people.

But with Felix, yes.

Vaquerizo (standing, center) with Alaska (right) and the rest of the cast.


What has it been like to go back to the 90s?

Because it's like the ugly sister in regards to the 80s ... Yes.

I think it's because the 80s are so mythologized ... People often mythologize what they have not experienced.

I lived the 80s with seven years.

And I liked them.

But also the 90s, although they meant another stage in my life, adolescence, my entry into university ... Musically there were things that could interest me more or less.

The other day they gave Olvido and me a test about the 90s, about television series and nonsense of these and we were more correct than we thought.

In other words, the 90s, although I was outside of everything standard because it was my thing, it is true that I lived them well.

I fondly remember the first drunks, the first outings, the first snogging with the girls,

Sensation of life

... But without a touch of nostalgia.

Is it his motto of "if you settle in you are lost" that has prompted you to dare with the 'podcast' of History classes?

I have loved working for Audible from Amazon.

Among other things, I have learned to read aloud, because I have always had diction problems.

Thanks to the teacher I have had, the first 15 episodes have come out round.

And above, they have paid me for it.

It was a proposal that has amused me and in which I have been able to continue being myself.

Also, it has been easy to do.

Because I am a person who is very involved.

I am very hardworking.

And if I have to say "fag", I'll tell you.

At heart I am a curranta.

And I have been fortunate that I have been able to work on my hobbies, which serves a lot for reaffirmation.

I wanted to be a journalist and I was.

I wanted to become a screenwriter for Canal + and I was.

I wanted to start a music group and the same.

So there is no frustration, it does not exist.

Only self-affirmation. Self-affirmation ... And not to lose heart? If you feel like singing and what you feel is the need to be with the public, but they don't hire you, because you work for something else.

And in your free time you have a music group, which is what I have done with the Blonde Nancys.

And that's it.

Although in the end we ended up living off music ... I filled my mouth saying no, because I had it as a hobby.

But then I said "what the hell? I also live from music."

Although we have not left our respective jobs, none of the


, they pay us a pasture to perform at concerts.

But we never intended to make a living from it.

And that's what saves us.

That attitude, which is what I have, which is given to me by DNA through the grace of my parents and the grace of God, is what allows me to do those things.

And that it doesn't cost me work to do it. A privilege then. Yes.

How to be a Pantene ambassador.

You know what I want to say?

I also tell you ... Who were they going to call?

Well, of course they call me, I've always boasted of my hair and I've always said that boys also have to take care of our hair.

You have to take care of everything.

Hair hygiene is also very important.

According to the criteria of

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