A letter from Lee's son to his father was revealed at a memorial rally for Lee Mo, a civil servant who died after being hit by North Korean forces in the sea on the north side of Yeonpyeong Island in the west sea.

In a handwritten letter, Lee's son said, "I have never dreamed that my dad's phone call will be the last time he asked me if my studies were going well, but it has been over a month since my dad left us."

He said, "It's painful, but I will fight until the end until I find my dad's honor so that my dad can close his eyes comfortably," he said. "The announcement of the Maritime Police, which puts out the absurd reason as evidence, makes me collapse."

At a memorial meeting held today (24th), Lee's elder brother, Lee Rae-jin, held a press conference as a representative of the bereaved family, saying, "Don't be insulting any more valuable sacrifices due to the reversal of the military's stance and insolvent investigation by the coast "I ask for the repatriation and joint investigation of the remains of my younger brother as soon as possible," he said.