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number of new corona19 confirmed cases that exceeded 100 for two days in a row has decreased to double digits again after three days.

However, it is unsafe as group infections continue in medical institutions such as nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals.

This is Yoo Deok-ki.

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today (24th) 0 o'clock, 77 new cases of Corona 19 were added, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases so far has reached 25,775.

The number of new patients, which had exceeded 100 for two days in a row, came down to two positions in three days.

Among the new confirmed cases, 66 local outbreaks and 11 foreign inflows were tentatively counted.

Most of the local infected people came from the metropolitan area.

With 18 additional infections related to Gwangju Rehabilitation Hospital, Gyeonggi-do, the cumulative number of confirmed cases increased to 124, and the aftermath of group infections continues, with confirmed cases continue to appear at Uijeongbu Rehabilitation Hospital and Namyangju Nursing Home.

New cases of infection followed.

A textile company in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province, 19 people, 11 people at Incheon Airport cargo terminal, and 7 people at an insurance company branch in Jung-gu, Daegu.

Since last Monday, when the'social distancing' stage was eased to the first stage, the number of confirmed cases per day has risen from as little as 50 to as many as 150.

The health officials said that the number of hikers and outings is increasing in the fall of the foliage season, and next week'Halloween' is likely to be another channel for the spread of the infection.