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number of new corona19 confirmed cases that exceeded 100 for two days in a row has decreased to double digits again in three days.

However, it is unsafe as group infections continue in medical institutions such as nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals.

This is Yoo Deok-ki.

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today (24th) 0 o'clock, 77 new cases of Corona 19 were added, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases so far has reached 25,775.

The number of new patients, which had exceeded 100 for two days in a row, came down to two positions in three days.

Among the new confirmed cases, 66 local outbreaks and 11 overseas inflows were tentatively counted.

While most of the local infections occurred in the metropolitan area, infections involving nursing homes and medical institutions were followed, especially in the Gyeonggi area.

4 additional infections related to Gwangju Rehabilitation Hospital occurred, and the cumulative confirmed number increased to 128.

As 11 additional people related to Namyangju nursing home were confirmed, 46 people have been confirmed so far, and 3 people have been confirmed related to Anyang nursing facility and Gunpo medical institution, which started with the spread between families living in Anyang City, so far, 37 people have been confirmed.

[Kwon Jun-wook/Deputy Head of Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters: The fact that it occurs in medical institutions, nursing homes, etc., in itself, means that local community control, which is an intermediate link, is still insufficient, so we will strictly manage the situation.]

The health authorities said that the number of hikers and outings is increasing due to the autumn foliage season, and next week'Halloween Day' is highly likely to be another channel for the spread of infection, so it is recommended to refrain from meetings and practice distance.